Fact or Fiction: Platonic Friends?

About 5 years ago I had another blog, Friends Don’t Let Friends, with my male BFF KG. KG has grown up a lot in this time – think wife, kids, and a dog, LOL! So instead of reviving that blog, it would become a staple on …East of the Mississippi. Look for more topics from KG and I in the future! 

Is there such a thing as a platonic relationship? Can men and women really be just friends? 

She Says:

YES! YES! YES! I wholeheartedly believe that every woman should have a meaningful friendship with someone of the opposite sex; caveat: he should not be someone who wants to smash her. It is great to have someone to run all my crazy questions by regarding men, and to not be judged. I think the key to being in a platonic relationship with a member of the opposite sex is to truly value and respect what you have with that person. If you have a hidden agenda, or hopes of it becoming something more than a friendship, you are creating gray areas within the boundaries of the relationship. 

Everyone’s situation is different, but I do think to have a successfully relationship with the opposite sex you have to be honest.  As we get older we make greater commitments in our lives to other people and our inter-sex friendships can start to become sticky. However if both parties are open, honest, and respectful of each other’s commitments then it shouldn’t be a problem. Men and women can successfully be platonic friends, as long as both parties involved respect the boundaries that have been set, and stay out of the gray area.

So fellas, don’t get mad when the lady you like “friend zones” you, you might get a life long buddy out of the deal. Just no sex!


He Says:

“When did you first fall in love with hip hop?”

This quote is from one of the most famous movies known for putting doubt in the concept that men and women truly can’t be friends.  It is said that after long enough, men and women will inevitably feel the need to say “What if?” or “I wonder how it would be?”  For these sentiments I say…this is probably right. 

Most SINGLE men and women can’t be friends.  Outside of the fact that we live in a damn near completely sexually free society, men and women just aren’t out looking for same sex friends.  At this point in life, we are working on cutting off friends.  Let me take the time apologize for all men that are out there ruining faux friendships daily. 

Syd & Dre from  Brown Sugar. 

Syd & Dre from Brown Sugar. 

Men, in most circumstances will sleep with any female walking.  We might not like you and shit we might not find you attractive…but we will have sex with you. Men are limited in their ability to think past the pussy.  Most unattached men are not going to spend free time not making the “most” out of it.   Send me a text saying “Hey Friend” means she thought about the D, “Hey you want to grab a drink” means she wants to Fu*k.  That is where a man’s mind goes   If you ask a guy friend “Heyyou wantcome over and watch this Making a Murderer?” he will immediately start planning how he is gonna get in that ass and you will end up like this.  

For all men who can’t let your friendships thrive, I apologize and say we will try to be better(I’m lying…it won’t get better and you might be getting a “Hey Bighead” from someone tonight.