It's Not You, It's Your Body!

You hit the relationship jackpot! You have connected with an amazing man! He is educated, has a great job, financially stable, excellent manners, funny, attractive, and most of all into you!  The conversations are always great and you both genuinely love spending time around each other. You decide to take the relationship to the next level and slept together.

The sex was bad; he had troubles keeping an erection.  You have sex again and the same thing happens -- a case of the weak meat. You start to think that he has been hit with the bad dick stick, but it’s not that at all. Your new boo opens up to tell you the real reason for his sexual dysfunction.  He is having issues keeping his dick hard while fucking you because he is not physically attracted to your body type.


record scratch


This is a true story. Not my story but some girl’s story that I overheard talking on the MARC train one day. People really should use their indoor voices in public spaces.

I listened more as this girl confided to the person on the other end of the phone that her boo did not say specifically what part of her body he wasn’t attracted to.  The girl continues to say that she has not gained any weight since they have been together.  I felt so bad for her! When she stood up to walk away, I glanced at her body. I thought she looked great – the epitome of thick!

I know that I could never be with a man who was not physically attracted to me -- EVER! More specifically, I could never be with a man who was not attracted to me and tries to pass off his weak meat issues on me as if it were my problem.  COME AGAIN?!?!

What I will not tolerate is you passing of your insecurities and issues as my problem. Stop talking to me and talk to your dick! If my body has not changed since we met, and you have a certain body type that you like then why continue in a relationship with said person. Before you say, sex is not the most important thing in a relationship. Let me explain why. This reaction would make me think they don't like me. This is how you meet me and if I am happy with the way that I look, you are essentially saying you are repulsed by me. I don't think I should have to attend counseling to fix an issue that isn't an issue to me. 

I mean talk to me! What do you do? What matters more love or attraction? Ladies, what would you do if you were in this situation? Fellas, have you ever been in this situation? How did you handle it?

Why must flaccid penises cause so much trouble!



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