Who’s Having Good Sex?

Everywhere I turn there is a conversation about sex – Who’s having it? Who isn’t? Is it good? Is it wack? The desire for more sex: in both quantity, and more importantly quality, seems to be lying under the surface everywhere I turn. Seriously! There is not one conversation that I have had with a single girl friend recently that did not make a turn to our need for consistent good sex. There seem to be so many single women with unfulfilled needs. Old man winter finally showed up and there is no penis meat in our beds to keep us warm. I mean really: Where in the hell is the BEEF? Lol
It seems both men and women are affected by this shortage of quality relations. This past weekend, in two separate conversations with friends/associates, I was blown away by their admissions of having lackluster sex lives. 
The first of these conversations lent itself to an acquaintance suggesting that he doesn’t get head from his fiancée on a consistent basis, and that when it does occur, it is lackluster.  I was thinking to myself, “Wow, a woman can get a ring without giving great head?...” I was truly in a baffled state. It was like he told me he saw pigs fly. It just didn’t make sense to me.
In the other conversation, a friend admitted that her ex-boo thang, proclaimed that his favorite sexual position was missionary.  HOW BORING! The whole table let out a simultaneous deep sigh that was drenched in condolences. Now we see why he is an ex, right?! Lol!
Is anyone having good sex? Can you have mind-blowing sex and a good relationship with the same person? Or does one have to choose good sex with someone temporary over an amazingly healthy relationship? Why can’t both be achieved with the same person?
Or is the real question: Is lackluster/boring sex better than no sex at all? I am not quite sure that is a question I am ready to tackle.
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