ratchet box of love

Get ready! A special curated box catering to all five senses!

Boo’d up or single it doesn’t matter! Make it a special evening catering and indulging yourself or someone special! Each box includes a bevy of treats that caters to the five senses of course with some ratchet flair:

One (1) Boonie Ratchet Note (Your Selection)

Naughty Cookie Hearts (Taste)

Massage Oil & Feather Tickler (Touch)

Satin Blindfold (Sight)

Sensual Incense (Smell)

& Sexy Playlists (Sound)

The ratchet in me is SOOOOO gonna bring out the ratchet in you! #hoemaste™️

Please allow 7-10 days for processing and shipping!

All orders placed after Tuesday, February 13, 2019 will not arrive before Valentine’s Day.