I literally just screamed when I wrote the title of this post.  TWO FINGERS IN THE BOOTY ASS BITCH! I mean Amber – damn did you really have to go there? But I for one surely had a hearty laugh at the hash tag that shut Yeezy down.

Then I started to think more about what Amber’s hash tag implied. This woman just confessed to inserting her index and middle fingers into a man’s anus in order to please him sexually.  Now before you go judging me, I have never explored the rectal cavity of a man, I am just assuming that an index middle finger combo would work best for ass fucking your man. It probably leaves less pressure on your wrist too! LOL!

But back to my main point – is there such a thing as going to far when trying to prove to a man you are freaky? Amber showed her hand to us that she is willing to go where most women won’t to please her man.  It made me think a bit further about how far people are willing to go in the bedroom to satisfy their mate.

As women we are constantly bombarded with articles and magazine covers, that promise to give us “9 Tips to Make Your Man Explode” or “What Men Want in Bed.” Constantly, over and over again, the message is drilled in our head that we have to please our men! It makes me wonder how many more women have visited the chocolate kids in the factory in order to please her man.

To quickly wrap up my remaining thoughts:

1.     If you are a frequent visitor to Black Twitter you know at least once a week the topic of ass eating comes up. So are we shocked that someone likes two fingers in theirs?

2.     To me the most appalling thing isn’t the act itself, but the fact that Amber revealed such an intimate detail of her sex life with her partner.  But I guess in her defense Yeezy did talk about her child.  What would you do if your lover shared your escapades with the world?

3.     Is there a thing as too freaky?

4.     Ladies if your man wanted to become a two fingers in the booty ass bitch would you oblige?

5.     Fellas, do you ask your women to engage in sexual acts that might be taboo but are pleasing to you?

Talk to me… How freak is too freaky for you?


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