About the Podcast

If you're not here for honest, candid conversations about sex, love, relationships, pop culture, feminism and a whole lot of other sh*t, then why are you here?! This is where we break. it. down. Join Boonie, with her friends and special guests, for real and off-the-cuff discussions on life's every day happenings. Listen, leave a comment, click a rating and write a review! Then tweet, snap, send a smoke signal or a carrier pigeon--but be sure to tell your friends. 

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Boonie at Boonie Live: Responsible & Ratchet Edition, 2018


Who is Boonie?

I have a hard time talking about myself.  Shocking right? Yet, I have to tell you something about who I am.  Who better to ask than my village; some of them know me better than I know myself.  

Here are their words…

The person you talk to when you want to hear the truth.
— My Ex Boyfriend
Free spirited, dedicated, boisterous, big laugh, kind hearted, tell it like it is, sunny, flirty, no nonsense, down for whatever, loyal.
— My Travel Partner
Defines passion and commitment. She is passionate about life, love, friendship, and service. A friend you can count on for the world and a partner you can always rely on.
— My Male BFF
...fiery, fearless, uninhibited, bold and sassy. Creative, insightful, and innovative. Socially she is the person you want to hang out with in any setting and on everyone’s must follow list in the social media community. She is straightforward yet compassionate. A natural born leader.
— My Right Brain
Poised. Dedicated. Friendly. Optimistic. Well experienced. Risk taker. Dignified. Adventurous. Flexible.
— My Mentee
Hilarious and dragging around a hell of a damn wagon.
— Twitter Follower
Loyal friend, optimistic realist, humble, quick witted, intelligent, forgiving, loving, with excellent taste in choosing college best friends.
— My College BFF
A breath of fresh air. She’s irreverent, straightforward, and totally selfless. She’s that friend you can call to go grab a good cocktail, and the one you can call for advice. The girl has more random (but useful!) knowledge than anyone I’ve ever met and you can talk to Boonie for hours about anything—well except pop culture or anything trending on Twitter. She’s probably already seen it and discussed it, and in that case you’ve got about :30 seconds. LOL.
— My Girly BFF
Boof Boof! Empathetic, loyal, ratchet at times, thoughtful, a caregiver, forgiving, evolving, positive, social, loving, sponge for knowledge/info.
— My Motherfucking Soulmate