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Bonus Episode - I Want to Hear from You!

Season 2 drops on Monday, September 11th!

I missed you guys so much, so I dropped a small mini teaser episode of the podcast! I want to hear from you! No really I do! Take a few minutes to complete the podcast audience survey here: http://www.thebooniebreakdown.com/blog/2017/8/24/the-boonie-breakdown-podcast-2017-audience-survey 

Communicate with me about the show using the hashtag #TheBoonieBreakdown. Share with others using the hashtag #PodIn.

Don't forget to send in who is your favorite Insecure character and why via email to thebooniebreakdown@gmail.com or submit here: www.thebooniebreakdown.com/contact/.




Episode 27 - Hella Ratchet

Episode 27 - Hella Ratchet

The Boonie Breakdown Podcast 2017 Audience Survey